«Spoilt herself irreversibly!»: The recent public appearance of Evangelista became the subject of discussions

The fans were horrified to see what Linda Evangelista looks like now! 🧐😱This is what age and multiple plastic surgeries have done to the iconic model! 😲🫣

This model has undeniably had her irreplaceable place in the industry and significant contribution to the big world of cinema. Due to her unique beauty and charm, she could become one of the most desirable supermodels of the time.

However, everything has changed when the legendary star underwent her first plastic surgery. Since then, her life wasn’t the same and she started to look even unrecognizable to some. This is what unsuccessful plastic surgeries did to her!

For those who don’t know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo several operations. Even after the complete recovery, doctors, anyway, couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t have an impact on the quality of her life.

She admits that she is grateful for every single day being sincerely happy that God gave her one more chance to live on this planet and to enjoy life.

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