«Covered with nothing but pearls!»: The provocative look of Charlize Theron let no one stay indifferent

Charlize Theron forgot how old she was and showed up in a see-through pearl top! 😲😬Everyone’s eyes at the event were on no one but this hot actress! 🫠💘

The recent public appearance of Charlize Theron at an event came as a big surprise for everyone. In what she appeared in front of thousands drew absolutely everyone’s special attention.

Her provocative top consisting of only pearls barely covered her «those» places. The fact that she appeared without a bra let no single one stay indifferent and created a sense of provocation.

Shortly before she went out she put on a black blazer. No one around could take their eyes off her. The loyal fans of the outstanding actress rushed to shower her with lots of compliments.

«To have a look at this hottie is nothing but a pure pleasure!», «She epitomized female beauty!», «It’s impossible to look at her and not to fall in love!», «Her beauty knows no bounds!», «If ageing, then only in this way!».

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