«Still with dark curly hair and big cheeks!»: Only few have seen what Nicole Kidman looked like before

No one was ready to see what Nicole Kidman looked like during her first film role! 😬🫢The actress’s appearance before popularity disappointed the fans! 😧💔

People hardly believe that Nicole Kidman is already 56. She still looks stunning and charms the entire world not only with her incredible talent and brilliant acting, but also her ageless beauty, femininity and elegance.

Her blonde hair and red lips let no man stay indifferent. However, far not everyone was ready to see what the outstanding actress looked like in youth before fame and popularity. Some believe that her appearance before left a lot to be desired.

What she looked like during her first role came as a big surprise for everyone. She looked totally different with her big cheeks, dark and curly hair. The archive photos instantly became the subject of discussions.

It is needless to say that she has undergone a number of plastic surgeries and beauty procedures so as to gain her present appearance. Do you find her present appearance better? Share your opinion!

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