«People don’t call her Barbie for no reason!»: The off-screen appearance of Robbie caused mixed reactions

Here is the outfit that let neither fans nor haters stay indifferent! 😯🫢 The Barbie appeared in a mini skirt and cropped top leaving no room for imagination! 😳🤯

It is needless to say that Margot Robbie is one of the most desirable, successful and outstanding actresses in Hollywood. One of the reasons why millions consider her unique is her angelic beauty, a true gift from nature.

People sincerely admire her not only for her great talent and brilliant acting, but also her sense of style and carefully chosen outfits which perfectly emphasize her slender figure.

The new movie with the participation of this iconic film star garnered good reviews and positive reactions. It seems as if Barbie prefers such bright and girlish outfits not only in the film but also in real life.

Her most recent outfit in a mini skirt and cropped top caused mixed reactions. Though the fans of the outstanding movie star considered her incredible beauty, some rushed to heavily criticize her for her revealing outfit.

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