«No one has seen her like this!»: Salma Hayek showed her real face with no makeup and filters

The fans were not ready to see Hayek in close up without filters! 🧐😱 The actress showed her grayed hair and wrinkled skin! 😦😬

It is no secret that Salma Hayek is among the actresses who often show themselves with no makeup and prove that no one on Earth is perfect and flawless. However, some of her fans have recently been slightly disappointed in her natural look.

However surprising it may seem, the film star is already 56 and doesn’t look her age. Despite her wrinkles and imperfect skin, she never ceases to prove that age is just a number for her!

Whereas some people didn’t think so. They made sure that time had already taken its toll on their favorite actress after she showed her natural look. All in all, people had mixed opinions.

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