«Something that we didn’t know before!»: Here are details about Musk’s personal life

What caused the breakup of Elon Musk’s two marriages? 🧐🤔 The reason lying behind his unsuccessful personal life will surprise everyone! 😱🫢

The name of this enormously successful entrepreneur is renowned all over the world. Forbes considers Elon Musk «the businessman of the future». However, little is known about his personal life and what caused the breakup of his marriages.

Despite having achieved big success and incredible career heights, he may be considered unlucky in love. The man has formally been married two times and both of his marriages ended in divorce which raises questions.

Justine Wilson became his first wife who gifted him with five children. She was Musk’s first love whom he started dating during their student years. The couple got married in 2000. Unluckily, their marriage ended in breakup.

What concerns his second marriage, the new love of the entrepreneur became Tallulah Riley. The relationship with this woman brought more trouble and unease leading to divorce too.

He then dated Amber Heard having no idea that he would fail to find happiness with her too.

His next partner became Claire Boucher. They had a common sense of humor. The couple had a child in 2020 but, unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work either.

He then found love in Natasha Bassett who gifted him with adorable twins. However, their relationship didn’t last long too. The couple dated for several months and then separated.

Lately, he has been spotted with a pretty woman on the island of Mykonos. Do you think she is his new girlfriend?

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