«It was easier to be alone!»: Here is the reason why all the relationships of Jennifer Aniston ended in breakup

This is why everyone’s favorite Rachel from «Friends» is still single! 🧐🤔 The reason why she is unsuccessful in her personal life will surprise everyone! 🫢😲

Do you remember this successful actress? She has achieved incredible career heights in the film industry, yet she still doesn’t know what family happiness is and has been single for a relatively long time.

For those who don’t know, her parents divorced when she was only 9. Many believe that what lies in her unsuccessful personal life has a direct connection with the fact that her parents were separated.

Aniston has admitted that she can’t make compromises for a potential partner which is often required in most relationships, especially the romantic ones. This sometimes becomes a big problem for Aniston leading her relationship to end in breakup.

She claims; «I didn’t like the idea of giving up who I am, so it was easier to be alone». What do you think? Do you have a similar problem?

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