«Impossible to look at this without tears!»:Tess Holliday breaks all the beauty stereotypes

This 160-pound model feels like a queen and misses no chance to show off her huge body in tiny bodysuits! 😳🤭The new paparazzi photos of Tess Holliday left everyone speechless! 😱

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this overweight, but successful and influential model. Her most recent scandalous photos in a tiny colorful bikini immediately made a splash and became the subject of discussions.

Photographers didn’t miss the chance to capture the overweight model on the shore. The photos of the plump model were liked by far not everyone. Her rather revealing outfit caused a stir.

She proudly flaunted her big body in a colorful bikini which emphasized her extra weight and folds of fat. Many started to advise her to see a nutritionist and lose weight accusing her of showing her imperfect body in front of millions.

People have mixed opinions about her on social media. Now, it is your turn to share your opinion!


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