«No one will see anything more horrible than this today!»: Paparazzi filmed half-naked Donatella Versace

The fans were horrified to see 67-year-old Donatella Versace in a bikini! 🧐😱 What the designer’s body looks like came as a big disappointment. 🫣🫢

It is no secret that Donatella Versace is literally obsessed with surgeries and beauty procedures. In pursuit of eternal youth and beauty, the iconic designer has changed herself irreversibly and this is what she looks like today.

Photographers were lucky enough to film her in a tiny two-piece swimsuit. The fans compared her appearance to that of an alien explaining that nothing from her natural beauty was left.

Many a network user left offensive comments harshly criticizing her for her choice of a bikini and her obsession with cosmetic operations. In general, the «honest» photos of the designer came as a disappointment.

«Why did she spoil herself?», «She would have looked much better with no surgery!», «You will see nothing more horrible than this today», «The time has taken its toll!», «She looks more like an alien!».

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