«Is he adopted or what?»: The appearance of Cher’s son raised questions among the fans

After the new photos of Cher’s son, the fans wondered whether he was adopted or not! 🧐🤔 To say that they don’t look like each other is nothing to say! 😲

There is probably no one who doesn’t know Cher, one of the legendary, incredibly talented and in-demand performers of all time. Her life and appearance have never ceased to pique everyone’s interest and draw public attention.

This, unluckily, can’t be said about her heir who, according to many a people, looks nothing like the famous singer. The fact that he doesn’t look like his iconic mother raises many questions.

They are completely different not only concerning their appearance, but also their character. In contrast to his mother, the guy doesn’t have special talents and has no plans to follow his mother’s career footsteps.

Elijah Blue Ellman seems to fail to inherit the charisma from his mother and, surprisingly, remains just an ordinary guy.

What concerns his appearance, he looks quite good, athletic and without extra weight. Some people can’t stay indifferent towards him.

Only few know that he had been struggling with illegal drugs for years, but then, fortunately, managed to recover and take the right path.

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