«With tearful eyes and swollen face!»: This is what Hadid looks like with no makeup and filters

Does she actually deserve to be called «the most beautiful woman»? 🧐🤔 Bella Hadid disappointed the followers with her makeup-free appearance! 😦🙄

Many hold the opinion that Bella Hadid is the world’s prettiest female alive. However, far not everyone agrees considering her an ordinary girl with nothing special. The makeup-free look of the runway star has recently caused a stir.

Far not everyone liked what the outstanding and successful model looked like in real life without makeup and filters. The completely natural appearance of Hadid slightly disappointed the fans.

Her appearance instantly became the topic of discussions. People are wondering why she is called the most beautiful woman and looks like this. Whereas it is needless to say that no one is perfect and celebrities are ordinary people as we are.

«Why do so many people call her the most attractive model? I will never understand!», «Nothing special and extraordinary!», «Far from being perfect», «I have seen much more beautiful women than her!».

How did you like her natural appearance? Do you still find her beautiful?

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