«The fans are disappointed!»: The paparazzi photos of Lopez made the fans change their opinion about her

Photographers showed what Jennifer Lopez actually looks like in close-up without filters! 😱🤯 The fans were not ready to see her like this! 😬🤯

There is no one who doesn’t know this woman as one of the most successful and world-renowned performers who stuns everyone with her charisma, brilliant skills and incredible talent. People never cease to admire her ageless beauty.

Photographers have recently shown what the star looks like in close-up with no filters. What her face actually looked like came as a big surprise for everyone. This is how she appears in real life.

The natural appearance of the show business star slightly disappointed her loyal fans. Thousands of them rushed to leave comments under the paparazzi photos.

«There are millions like her!», «I have never understood the popularity around her!», «An ordinary woman, nothing special», «She looks even older her age!», «Envy silently! No one is getting younger!», «Years have taken their toll».

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