«This is what fashion dictates!»: The appearance of these stars at the Met Gala resulted in mixed reactions

Here are the most talked-about outfits of the Met Gala 2023! 🫢🫣 In what celebrities showed up on the red carpet exceeded everyone’s expectations! 🧐😱

One of the most remarkable events of the time is, undeniably, Met Gala. A great number of Hollywood actors and actresses annually attend and deeply impress everyone with their sense of fashion, original style and creativity.

According to many, these show business stars even exceeded the expectations of all the fans. The stunning outfits they appeared in are still actively discussed on the network drawing everyone’s special attention.

Lil Nax

Kylie Jenner


Billie Eilish

Gigi Hadid

Cardi B

Jared Leto

Janelle Monae

Salma Hayek

Doja Cat

Kim Kardashian

Margot Robbie

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