«The Miss World is not the same anymore!»: The way Aishwarya Rai has changed raised questions

This is what motherhood has done to the Miss World Aishwarya Rai! 🧐😧 The fans hardly recognized the noticeably rounded Bollywood actress! 😱🤯

Since the time she felt the delights of motherhood, Aishwarya Rai rarely delights the fans with her appearance at events and shows. She ceased to frequently act in films which may easily be explained by her busy family life.

Her most recent appearance on the red carpet immediately left everyone around speechless. The famous Bollywood actress’s considerably rounded body wasn’t unnoticed as well. Many made sure that motherhood changed her irreversibly.

The radically changed appearance of the 49-year-old actress is still actively discussed on the network. Some people are still wondering why their favorite film star has gained weight and has noticeably aged.

«Time spares no one!», «She has noticeably rounded to me. How come?», «The only actress I will always admire!», «Nothing ruins her angelic beauty and unearthly charm», «It’s time to find a new stylist!».

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