«What happened to angelically beautiful Rose?»: The way Kate Winslet has changed let no one remain indifferent

The fans hardly recognized their favorite Rose from «Titanic»!😱 The actress has noticeably gained weight and is not the same anymore! 🤭😬

The way this famous British actress has changed became the subject of discussions. Many have been wondering what the actress looks like now. She always delighted with her beauty, yet her current look left everyone speechless.

Photographers have recently been lucky enough to catch the iconic film star. It was quite clear that she has noticeably gained weight and is not the same. This time, she was heading to a tennis match.

She gave her preference to a sky-blue dress with a deep neckline and elegant sandals. Her noticeably rounded forms let no single one stay indifferent. The way she has changed came as a surprise for her loyal fans.

«What happened to you, Kate?», «It’s time to follow a strict diet and lose weight!», «Time has had its toll on this actress», «Beautiful Kate is not the same!», «What an unsuccessfully chosen outfit».

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