«Blonde Jolie is back!»: The new paparazzi photos of Jolie and her adopted daughter raised questions

The dress looks more like a wrinkled nightie, what a shame! 😱😬 Paparazzi filmed Angelina Jolie in New York with her adopted daughter Zahara! 🧐

Photographers have lately filmed the legendary film star with her adopted daughter. The iconic Hollywood actress and her heiress were taking a walk in New York and warmly greeted the paparazzi.

The new image of Jolie with blonde hair wasn’t unnoticed. She was in a delicate white dress that looked more like a nightie according to some network users. Many found her outfit unsuccessfully chosen claiming that her clothes didn’t match at all.

In comparison to her mother, Zahara was dressed in a more modest way. As soon as the photos appeared on the web, they immediately went viral and thousands of network users rushed to leave comments on their appearance.

«I will never stop admiring this woman!», «We appreciate your kindness and generosity!», «Bravo, she treats her adopted children just the same!», «Blonde Jolie from the 1990s is back!».

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