«Words are not enough to describe her beauty!»: Bellucci chose a seductive red dress for the Spanish magazine

The fans had to double-check Bellucci’s age after these photos! 😱🧐 The Italian actress wore a scarlet dress with a spicy slit and proved that age is just a number for her! 😍💘

There is, perhaps, no one who doesn’t know this successful and highly skilled film star and model who has captivated millions with her grace, femininity and elegance. Her recent photo shoot in a scarlet dress with a spicy slit caused a stir.

For the photo shoot for a glossy magazine she gave her preference to two interesting looks. One of them was a black suit that perfectly emphasized her perfect body, the other was a red dress that created a sense of provocation.

Some clearly noticed that she recreated Jolie’s pose and were pleasantly surprised by her unearthly charm. Her charisma and sense of style will never stop delighting the whole world.

«Wow, she is the same stunning woman as she was before», «She has no equals in the industry!», «She looks like a million dollars», «Isn’t it a crime to look so hot at this age?», «Not a woman, but a dream!».

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