«A 1990s’ mega-star is now a pensioner!»: Gray-haired MacDowell determines to embrace natural ageing

The fans barely recognized their most favorite movie star in these photos! 😟🤐 Andie MacDowell showed herself with completely grayed hair and with no filters! 😳

One of the most famous, successful and in-demand actresses of the 1990s was, undoubtedly, Andie MacDowell. She was a sought-after and desirable film star among many directors but soon something went wrong.

Most of her fans are surprised to see what she looks like now. The fact that she stopped dyeing her hair let no one stay indifferent. Her most recent appearance with completely grayed hair came as a big surprise for everyone.

«She completely let herself go!», «Her charisma and sense of style will never stop delighting me!», «What is she trying to show off?».

«Surprisingly, grayed hair suits her better!», «Envy silently! She is one of the icons of our time», «Don’t listen to the haters and keep going!», «Far not everyone with grayed hair looks so attractive».

How did you like her natural appearance?

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