«The lips have left the chat!»: The disappointing paparazzi photos of Jolie came as a surprise for the fans

The fans were not ready for this! 😮 Paparazzi showed what Angelina Jolie’s face looks like with no filters and retouching! 😕😬

The life and appearance of the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» have never ceased to be the center of public attention. Photographers don’t miss any chance to capture the Hollywood actress whenever and wherever she appears.

These days, paparazzi have been lucky enough to see her during a casual walk. Many were not ready to see what the iconic star looks like with no filters and retouching.

The fact that her lips looked thinner and her face was a little bit swollen came as a big surprise for the supporters of the outstanding actress. The shots came as a big disappointment for some of the fans.

«What happened to the Hollywood actress?», «The lips have left the chat!», «She will always epitomize female beauty», «Skin and bones again!», «Nothing to show off!».

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