«Isn’t it a crime to look so hot at 50?»: Klum turned fifty in an open dress and surprised the fans

This is how women should celebrate their 50th birthday! 🫠 Heidi Klum showed off her half-naked body in a see-through dress and blew out the candles! 😍🥰

However surprising it may seem, this iconic German supermodel is already in her 50s. No one would guess that as Heidi Klum still looks amazing and captivates everyone with her ageless beauty and femininity.

The birthday girl appeared in a luxurious see-through dress and celebrated her  birthday among her loved ones. It is worth mentioning that her partner is 17 years younger than her but according to many he looks even older than the supermodel.

No one could stay indifferent and not to comment on her appearance. Many, however, talked about her husband whose appearance quickly caused a stir on network.

«He doesn’t look 17 years younger than her!», «What harmonious spouses!», «She is the only woman I can admire forever!».

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