The stars of «The Blue Lagoon» 43 years later: This is what the lead actors of the legendary film look like now

The fans were horrified to see what their favorite stars from «The Blue Lagoon» look like now! 😱😡 The angelic beauty and the heartthrob are unrecognizable! 🧐

The lead stars of Randal Kleiser’s 1980 film quickly stole the hearts of millions of viewers. The lead actress of the hit movie became Brooke Shields whose angelic beauty let no single one stay indifferent.

What concerns the main actor, Christopher Atkins, he is now 62 and looks totally unrecognizable to his loyal fans.

What concerns Brooke’s current appearance, people have mixed opinions about it. Some find her well-maintained, while the others believe that she has undergone countless plastic improvements.

The iconic stars who touched millions with their captivating love story and unearthly beauty are not the same anymore.

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