«A new romance at 64?»: Here is legendary actor Hopkins’s third wife whom he met at the age of 64

What does it look like to find new love at 64? 🧐😱Anthony Hopkins showed his third wife and now everyone envies the actor! 🥰😍

Besides being a prominent, successful and highly skilled actor, he has always been popular with women. His charm and attractiveness let no single female stay indifferent and not to fall in love with him.

Petronella Barker became the iconic film star’s first wife. The spouses had a daughter but, unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived.

His second wife became his assistant director named Jennifer. Their love lasted 30 years and after the divorce the actor was convinced that he wouldn’t fall in love again. Their separation was rather hurtful and he almost lost his hope.

However, the fate gifted him with Stella, his third wife.

The woman worked in an antique shop. They first met shortly after the divorce of the actor. Stella’s femininity captured the heart of Hopkins and he started to feel something.

His third marriage brought him the biggest happiness. They look like teenagers madly in love with each other and seem totally inseparable.

They are harmonious spouses and have no plans to change anything.

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