«Rougher features and greenish hue»: the formerly attractive beauty Amber Heard looks unrecognizable

Amber Heard’s recent photos proved her completely change. It seems that lawsuits had great influence on her look. She began to neglect her appearance.😱👀

Sometimes external beauty solves many issues. A vivid example of this is Amber Heard, who became a beauty due to the slender beauty of her body like a Hollywood star. Indeed, Amber Heard was like fire, her smooth features, her perfect body evoked a strong response from people.

But external beauty does not speak of the beauty of life, because Amber’s life has been a real mess over the past few years. She and Johnny Depp are divorced and has been marred by series of lawsuits. Unfortunately, society is not able to share the misfortune of a person, but is able to block and isolate the victim, which in this case was Amber Heard.

And the strong mental stress also affected the beauty of Amberd. She no longer shone with her beauty.

The smooth and delicate features of her face became rough, and her face was completely swollen and took on a greenish hue.

Fans believed that only peace of mind and a resumption of a career would help the star get out of that dark and cruel stage of life.

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