«Even 20-year-olds envy her!»: Hayek posed half-naked on a yacht and proved her timeless beauty

The fans had to double-check her age! 😮 Salma Hayek showed off her gorgeous body in revealing swimwear and took seductive poses for her followers. 🥵🥵

This actress is among those who proudly show themselves with no filters, retouching and still make millions admire them. This time, she delighted her fans with interesting photos from vacation and left every one of them speechless.

Many have been wondering how she manages to look so attractive and energetic in her 50s. Some call her a timeless beauty who still has no plans to age. The fans often ask Hayek to share her secrets to beauty with them.

«She is incomparably beautiful!», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «Isn’t it illegal to look so hot at 56?».

How about you? Did you like her bikini body?

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