«Orange peel skin and loss of elasticity!»: The fans were not ready to see Demi Moore’s body with no filters

Moore tries to look younger, but the new paparazzi photos show something else😱👀

Photographers didn’t miss the chance to film Demi Moore on vacation. The Hollywood actress’s appearance has never ceased to captivate everyone. Many still believe that she looks much better than many 20-year-olds today.

The new unedited photos taken by paparazzi quickly made a splash. While the loyal fans rushed to show their unwavering support for their idol, the others were quick to judge her loose skin claiming that she lost her elasticity.

When drawing parallels between her 20 years ago and now, one may see quite noticeable changes. These «honest» shots became the subject of discussions after which some started to think that she lies to her followers by editing her photos.

Many find her a cool mother who still tries to look younger. Despite this, her charisma and sense of style will always be exemplary and praiseworthy.

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