«Luxurious dress and impeccable figure»: photo of Kylie Minogue at the age of 53 from the red carpet incited fury

Minogue conquered the hearts of her fans showing her figure.😱👀

Kylie Minogue has always won millions of hearts with her unique talent. And also she conquers with her ingenuity and smile.

The singer is almost always at home, but when she appears in public, she attracts attention.

She appeared at the Bulgari B.zero1 Avrora Awards on February 27 during Fashion Week.

Minogue chose a luxurious long dress, decorated with pins. Thus, the stylists decided not to use accessories. Kylie donned simple shoes and a python skin purse.

Her first marriage will be to Paul Solomons, former creative director of British GQ.

She lived in the UK but decided to return to Australia last year. She wanted to spend more time with her elderly parents.

The man remained in the UK. The couple kept their relationship at a distance for some time, but they were attached to each other.

Kylie during an interview told how she and Paul kept their relationship.

«Our relationship is unique. I don’t follow the accepted method», she said. «We have a wonderful bond that we appreciate. It is important to keep freedom always».

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