«A granny who still tries to attract men!»: What 65-year-old Madonna looks like in real life came as a surprise

Madonna’s friend showed what the Pop icon looks like in close up without filters👀👀👀

Recently, the Queen of Pop; that is, Madonna’s friend named Maha Dahil sincerely congratulated the icon on her 65th birthday.

She shared «honest» photos of Madonna calling the popular singer her dear sister. Maha addressed her a touching message sincerely thanking her for everything and thus deeply moved all the followers.

The outstanding performer was dressed in a black and white dress complemented with elegant gloves with feathers. She didn’t look well and her smile didn’t seem real. For those who don’t know, she was hospitalized diagnosed with an infection.

Fortunately, she is now doing well. However, her fans are still worried about her obsession with outrageous style, plastic surgeries and extensive retouching.

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