«They forgot to retouch the photos!»: The natural appearance of Lopez became the subject of discussions

The fans were not ready to see wrinkled Lopez with no filters on the cover of Vogue😱😱😱

Jennifer Lopez is not only an outstanding and sought-after performer, she is also one of the beauties of show business towards whom no single man can stay indifferent. She surely is one of the most influential figures in Hollywood.

What she looks like in her 50s never ceases to pleasantly surprise everyone. It is hard to believe that a woman at this age can look so hot and fantastic.

On the cover of Vogue she appeared in a completely natural look. A lot of deep wrinkles and cellulite were clearly seen. The untouched photos quickly became the subject of discussions.

«I can hardly take my eyes off this hottie!», «Years have passed by her!», «She has aged like fine wine», «She has no equals!», «How long did I sleep? How much she has changed!».


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