«Spicy games of a grandpa and his lover!»: Paparazzi caught the billionaire enjoying time with his girlfriend

The passion between this 92-year-old billionaire and his lover blew up the Internet👀👀👀

Here is Rupert Murdoch who proves that one can enjoy life and live it to the fullest even at a senior age. Believe it or not, he is now in a romantic relationship with a woman named Elena who is 26 years younger than him and looks amazing.

The man’s chosen one is a talented biologist. The non-standard couple showed real passion on the beach proving that age is just a number for those who haven’t taken enough from life.

«Is she your nurse?», «What did she find in this senior grandpa?», «To tell the truth, she looks fantastic for her age», «I have serious doubts in the sincerity of their feelings towards each other!».

The scandalous paparazzi photos came as a big disappointment for the network users. What photographers caught caused mixed reactions.

In general, people’s opinions varied. Do you believe in this kind of love?

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