«Shines like a star 6 months after giving birth»: Adriana Lima’s recent image left her all fans in awe

Here is how the supermodel looks like in a tight outfit after childbirth.💥💥💥

Who would have thought that the 42-year-old Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret model of indescribable beauty could appear on the same stage with her lover, and in front of a huge audience? Thanks to her correct stylistic orientation, Adriana appeared at the premiere of the film «Air» in Los Angeles, where she stood out with a slender figure.

She was with producer Andre Lemmers that day. It seems that the couple did not even think about formalizing their relationship, but did not hide the fact that they had been together for almost two years.

In August last year, God gave the couple a baby for the third time. The change in Adriana’s appearance did not go unnoticed by some.

Last year, Lima ended her year in a passionate way that the public liked, and soon the post-pregnancy figure conquered millions of hearts.

Adriana presented her post-pregnancy appearance without depression, receiving positive reviews from many and shocked looks from some.

Seven months after the birth of her son, Lima took it upon herself to appear to the world, to show that external changes do not frighten her and do not prevent her from freely presenting herself to society.

Adriana attended the premiere with great admiration in her gorgeous tight red dress and hugged Lemmers passionately.

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