«She has aged like fine wine!»: Claudia Schiffer showed her perfect body and captivated everyone

The fans had to double-check Schiffer’s age after she showed herself in a bikini👀👀👀

The name of this former supermodel is well-known all over the world. Back then, she mesmerized everyone with her angelically beautiful features, femininity and elegance. Paparazzi have recently caught the icon in a tiny bikini on a yacht.

The photos of the former supermodel caught everyone’s special attention. To some, she looked too thin and only skin and bones were visible. While the others kept claiming that she looked fantastic for her age.

A number of netizens rushed to claim that she looked like a pretty doll and has aged like fine wine. For them, her appearance has stayed unchanged and her charm still pleasantly surprised them.

Some rushed to compare her to Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford trying to convince that the former supermodel doesn’t look as good as them.  Do you think so?

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