«Leave alone, it’s already too much»: how Hailey Bieber made fun of Selena Gomez made angry fans of the singer

The haters started attacking the model for her behavior.👀👀👀

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Selena and Hailey always fight. The actress and model want to show everyone that they have a good relationship. But recently, a video appeared on the Internet in which Hailey makes fun of Selena.

Recently, critics against Hailey have appeared on the Internet. This all happened after she posted picture of herself in a swimsuit. After that, critics attacked the model. But worse than all this is the death curse was given to Bieber’s wife. The model protested to Selena.

Selena wanted to put an end to all this. Hailey thanked the singer. «I want to thank Selena for speaking out. We recently talked about how to overcome this whole incident. These were very difficult times. It’s a pity that people saw what was going on between us».

The model has already realized that she must be sure what she publishes on social networks. She should think carefully about her actions before sharing. Today, critics can appear after every word or deed.

«I am sure that love always wins over negativity and hatred. But now we always greet each other with empathy».

The story of Hailey Bieber’s husband who saved her life is already known. The actress told fans that she suffered a mini-stroke.

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