«What happened to the Princess?»: Paparazzi filmed Middleton in close-up showing what she looks like in real life

After the paparazzi photos, the fans advised Middleton to see a cosmetologist🤔👀

According to the royal protocol, K. Middleton is not allowed to see cosmetologists, beauticians and surgeons. However, after the most recent paparazzi photos with no filers and retouching, the fans were quick to advise her to visit a beauty salon.

People were now convinced that before entering the Internet her photos are retouched. The fact that she actually had so many deep wrinkles and other age-related changes came as a big surprise.

Her wrinkled face and neck in the «honest» paparazzi photos disappointed some people. However, the large army of the Princess rushed to show their unwavering support claiming that she looked amazing, anyway.

«Envy silently! She looks fantastic for her age», «We appreciate your honesty and openness!», «She was born to be the Princess of People’s Hearts», «She needs no surgery and injection, for sure!».

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