«The wind blew her dress off!»: All eyes were on Monica Bellucci’s deep cleavage and stunning legs

Paparazzi accidentally caught Bellucci the moment the wind blew her dress off💥💥💥

No one, perhaps, would deny that Bellucci is among the most desirable and in-demand representatives in the industry. Even at almost 60, she still attracts millions of hearts with her ageless beauty and accentuated femininity

The fans never get tired of claiming that she always looks like a million dollars and one can only dream of having such an appetizing body. Paparazzi have recently caught the right moment and filmed her when her dress was almost blown off.

«Isn’t it a crime to look so hot at this age?», «Not a woman, but a dream», «She has no equals in the industry», «How is it possible that she will soon turn 60?».

«Take off your sunglasses so that we can see your wrinkles and bags under the eyes», «What an old-fashioned dress!», «Too old to wear such things», «I can’t take my eyes off her deep cleavage!».

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