«Not the same hottie anymore!»: Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance and caught 48-year-old Cruz in a one-piece bikini

What the hottest Spanish actress looks like in close-up will leave everyone speechless😱😱😱

Currently, this celebrated and outstanding actress enjoys her vacation together with her husband. Photographers didn’t miss the chance and, of course, caught the moment. The Spanish movie star was enjoying her time on the beach.


She gave her preference to a sky-blue one-piece swimsuit which emphasized her slender figure. What her body looked like in a tiny bikini came as a pleasant surprise for all her fans and supporters.

However surprising it might seem, there was a group of people as well who considered her too old for such a revealing outfit. To them, she was no more the same beauty as she was before.

«Time has already had its toll!», «At 50, she looks even better than today’s 18-year-olds», «Not the same hottie anymore», «Her beauty is timeless!».

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