«Isn’t it a crime to look so hot at 60?»: The fans had to double-check Moore’s age after the recent paparazzi photos

Moore proves that even at 60 a woman can look amazing and steal many hearts💥💥💥

It is needless to say that even at 60, D. Moore still looks stunning and is believed to have no plans to age yet. Some believe that it is plastic surgery that maintains her beauty, while the others are sure that physical activities play a crucial role.

What she looks like at 60 came as a big surprise for everyone. People can’t get enough of her pictures and continuously ask for even more.

Paparazzi have recently caught the outstanding actress in a tiny green bikini which perfectly emphasized her gorgeous figure. The fans even had to double-check her age claiming that she looks incredibly beautiful for her age.

The photos were taken in Greece and quickly blew up the Internet. People could find no words to describe their delight.

How did you like her appearance?

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