«If ageing, then only in this way!»: The candid close-up pics of Lopez became the topic of discussions

The fans were not ready to see what she looks like with no makeup and filters🤔🤔🤔

The makeup-free and completely natural look of this star never ceases to be the center of attention. Even at 54, she still steals hearts and proves the world that even in the 50s a woman can be a dream for millions of men worldwide.

Some are convinced that she regularly visits beauticians and cosmetologists which helps her keep her skin and body in a flawless condition. This is what the star looks like with no cosmetics, filters and retouching. Simply amazing!

She proved that she hadn’t undergone Botox denying all the rumors. She seems to have no plans to age and still shines with all her glory.

«She went against time», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «Incomparably beautiful Lopez», «Is she actually 54? How long have I slept?», «She has no equals»


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