«Bright outfit with no bra»: Priyanka Chopra attends Fashion Week leaving fans in awe

The top model declined to wear a bra, leaving her breasts barely visible.😱😲

Priyanka Chopra this time decided to show herself in a bright outfit. The designer of the outfit was the owner of the title «Miss World 2000». She wore a dress with a cutout. Priyanka conquered the hearts of fans in a bright silk suit. The color perfectly accentuated her brown skin. Purple turned out to be a strange idea. Priyanka was without a bra, and her breasts were barely visible.

Her hair was in loose and styled in waves. She was wearing evening make-up, which helped her to be more attractive. She chose Bulgari jewelry.

The beauty’s husband was next to her and chose a celebrity look. Priyanka’s bright dress was perfectly looked with a suit with the brand’s logo.

The couple looked great. They happily posed for the photographers, who seized the chance to capture the incredible and interesting image of the couple from different angles.

Subscribers of model and singer were delighted to see her image. «She is beautiful», «What a beautiful couple, I am delighted», «They complement each other», «It is impossible not to admire this couple», fans wrote.

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