«She needs beautician and dentist»: Lena Headey was not shy to show herself in real life

She was granted a problematic appearance by nature 🤔😪😓

The series «Game of Thrones» became very famous so almost everyone knows a stunning actress Cersei Lannister. It is based on George Martin’s novel. Many people loved the actress of the role of cold and golden-haired queen of Westeros.

Lena Headey is a British actress who played this role. But we can surely say that she is not a princess in real life. Lena has a problematic skin which she can’t change with the help of diet or exercises.

Once she posted a video on her account and even asked her followers who don’t like her appearance to unsubscribe from her account. There are many followers who always criticize her.

In the video she decided to be without makeup in order to show everyone that she doesn’t even think about haters.

Her followers noticed that she has a problematic skin which infected with acne. And they also noticed that her teeth were overcrowded.

Critics had only a question: where are her dentist and beautician. She is a famous actress but doesn’t want to be beautiful. But of course her fans are sure that she is very natural without thick makeup and without retouching.

However she is indifferent to all critics and wrote on her blog: «This is who I am. Just get used it».

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