«From beauty to unkempt grandmother»: the years have changed Angelina Jolie a lot

It’s hard to realize that the incomparable Angelina turned 48-years-old😲🤔👀

Who can’t agree that Angelina Jolie is one of the most elegant and beautiful women in the world? Many women, many stars even wanted to be like Jolie.

But time doesn’t pass by anyone. It’s even hard to imagine that our beautiful star turned 48-years-old. Jolie always wears very elegant dresses which show her unique femininity.

Angelina became famous at the age of 18. At that time she has different roles.

In old photos we can see Jolie with short hair and colorful makeup. The interesting is that she always chooses images that she has already worn and experienced.

But there are times when Jolie show herself without makeup and hairstyle. Many of her fans are sure that she is the same attractive and unique woman even without these things.

It’s not a secret that Jolie has been an icon of beauty for her fans. She has unique features like narrow face, slender wrists, and slim legs which conquered millions of hearts. There was a time when she became very thin and looked like an anorexic patient. Her illness played a big role on her.

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