“Not the same handsome man” Fans didn’t recognize Matthew Perry in recent paparazzi photos

He was captured by photographers while walking through the streets.😁👀🤔

Famous Matthew Perry recently turned 53 years old. We all know him from the series «Friends», but after it fans rarely see the actor.

One day the paparazzi were able to capture him while walking in Los Angeles.

Almost all fans didn’t recognize him in these photos because he has changed a lot.

«He looks like an old man», «I can’t believe that this man is Matthew», «Oh no, he is unrecognizable».

«Why did he let himself look like that?», «He looks very tired», «It’s time to put himself in order», «Where is our favorite actor gone?»

His fans surely said that he is not the same handsome man. What do you think about him?

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