«Choice between motherhood and career»: Sandra Bullock chose between two difficult things

She didn’t believe she was capable of being a deserving and excellent mother.

Many stars often forget that there is a personal life except for career. They lose moral conscience, so attracted to this beauty that they forget that ordinary people who need help live in the world.

But it’s great that there are stars who always help people. These stars are Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher, and others. They help poor people using their resources.

One of these kind stars is famous Sandra Bullock. Sandra is very famous for her charitable activities. Also she is a wonderful mother and exemplary woman.

It’s very difficult to imagine that she lived challenging time and so she never thought about that she was capable of being an excellent mother.

Once the actress talked about her life and her experiences. Her mother advised her to be a better mother who will not be like her. Sandra thought about these phrases and it prevented her from having children.

She was sure that in New Orleans there was her baby after Hurricane Katrina. So she had a child as a result of this.

«When I saw him I realized that he was a little child but he was already pretty large. I became a mother».

Recently she told that she has an adopted newborn girl Layla. She attended parenting workshops for babies who had experienced trauma as Layla.

Now she has children, and is sure that she is a wonderful mother for her kids. She decided to spend a lot of time with her family and took a break from acting.

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