“New emotional family photos” Richard Gere’s wife posted new photos from their rest

She had to call an ambulance luckily nothing bad happened.👀😢😓

Almost everyone knows very well the actor Richard Gere from the «Pretty Woman». Recently his wife Alejandra posted a Christmas photo on her account. Gere is 34 years older than his wife.

According to her Gere felt bad on vacation. It seemed he was experiencing health issues. She had to call an ambulance but luckily everything was good.

At first when they married many people didn’t like their union because Gere is older than his wife. But lately they saw that his wife is very kind they changed their minds. All the fans wish him a fast recovery.

Of course there are haters because it’s impossible without them. They exist and will continue to exist. It’s great that the couple don’t pay attention to them.

What do you think abo them? Do you believe that they are a wonderful couple?

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