«Obviously, Aaron Paul is not the same»: the actor from «Breaking Bad» was not spared by age

Today it’s impossible to recognize him as a quick-witted student 👀😱😳

Aaron Paul is very famous from the series Breaking Bad. Since the last series’ publication years passed and the actor has changed completely. It’s very difficult to recognize him today because he is not a quick-witted student.

In 2013 he married his beautiful girlfriend Laure Percy. The sweet girl was born from their marriage. Aaron decided to spend a lot of time with his beautiful family, but of course he thinks about his career too.

He wants to draw attention so he altered his and wife’s surnames. Before he was known as Aaron Sturtevant but now he becomes Paul.

After that he was invited to appear in films. Many people have realized that he can have more violent roles. It’s clear that even cosmetics can’t help the 43-year-old actor to be like a young student.

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