«Close the eyes of your husbands!»: charming Monica Bellucci conquered everyone in a frank dress

She doesn’t give becoming an elderly woman at all 🔥😍❤️🔥.

Monica Bellucci has always conquered hearts with her elegance and beauty. She again proved that aging is not for her when she had a role of sex symbol.

She will be 59 but she doesn’t think a minute that she is already an elderly woman. She likes to participate in different elegant photo sessions.

Recently Monica discussed parenthood with Greek Vogue. She talked about women in filmmaking and said that she loved Greece. There is a tradition that we only can see images from the interview, which of course can’t be enough.

A beautiful star showed itself with black transparent lace stockings. she put on a coat and high heels. Monica smiled very flatly with the photographer, her elegance is just fascinating. In another image, it fixes stockings on its beautiful long legs and also looks back in a hat decorated with feathers.

Of course we know that there is retouching in these photos but we can surely that she always remains young. We want Monica to share with fans the secret of her youth.

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