«What dementia did to him is terrible!»: This is how Nicholson has changed let no single one stay indifferent

The fans were speechless to see what age and dementia have done to Nicholson

There is, probably, no one who doesn’t know this prominent, talented and successful actor who hasn’t appeared in movies and in public for a relatively long time. Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to film the movie star on the balcony.

The fact that she doesn’t go out and for the most part stays home is conditioned by the fact that he struggles with dementia. He is always under the supervision of his son and daughter.

His unkempt appearance left a lot to be desired. His hair and beard were overgrown and made his look completely unrecognizable. His appearance literally left everyone speechless.

According to his relatives, he feels well, all in all. But his mood swings and isolation are consequences of his serious disease.

Everyone was stunned to see how he has changed over this time. What do you think?

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