Rizzo from «Grease» 43 years ago and now!: This is how Stockard Channing has changed since then

The fans didn’t recognize their favorite Rizzo from «Grease» after 43 years

Everyone has probably heard of the incredible story of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson. Already 43 years have passed, but the movie is still a hit and is widely watched. The couple had a significant influence on the young at that time.
Thus, the great stars O. Newton-John and J. Travolta gained even more popularity and overall recognition. For example, Newton-John’s «Hopelessly Devoted to You» received an Oscar nomination.


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There is no one who doesn’t know Stockard Channing’s portrayal as the rebellious Rizzo. At that time, she was 34 and now, believe it or not, she is 79. Recently, she has been present on Lorraine Kelly’s program to promote her production.


«I truly don’t want to accept it! I don’t want to consider that figure! I’m the oldest teenager still alive in the world! Coming out of the theater with people thrusting selfies in your face is a little intimidating».
People were quick to comment on her current appearance. Most of them rushed to express their disappointment claiming that age and years have changed her irreversibly.


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Especially the fans were slightly dissatisfied and many of them didn’t even recognize her after so many years. For some of them, she is still the same Rizzo who hasn’t changed at all.

«Why do so many beautiful women undergo plastic surgery?», «Is it really hard to embrace natural ageing?», «Just accept the way you look, stop enhancing your appearance!», «Let’s watch her without makeup and filters».

The opinions of the fans about the outstanding actress divided. All in all, most people found it hard to recognize the movie star after so many years.
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