«From an icon to a housewife!»: Paparazzi accidentally caught Lawrence with her husband and one-year-old son

This is what motherhood did to one of the most desirable actresses in the industry

For those who don’t know, J. Lawrence and her husband welcomed their baby in February. The dedicated spouses spend as much time with their child as it is possible. They both take an active part in the baby’s upbringing process.

The baby was in a stroller and was curiously watching everything. The family, probably, went out for a walk and didn’t expect to meet paparazzi.

Their casual stroll went well. The beautiful spouses were wearing casual clothes. The popular actress was in an oversized pullover and jeans, while her husband was in a white T-shirt, a sky-blue shirt and black pants.

Their beautiful family caught people’s attention. Although the actress looked exhausted and not really in a mood, this is motherhood!

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