«Destiny’s Child» members then and now!: This is how the members of the famous band have changed

The stars of everyone’s favorite band «Destiny’s Child» in the 1990s and now.

However surprising it may seem, it has already been 33 years since the formation of this popular band. The group was created by Beyonce and the members were K. Rowland, L. Luckett and L. Robertson.

Soon, the two members left the group. Instead, M. Williams joined it. Many were wondering how the members have changed over this time. Have a look!

M. Williams

She started a career as a solo singer and even released albums. Her album «Heart to Yours» brought her even more popularity and recognition. Today, she is actively involved in charity organizations and isn’t married or engaged.

K. Rowland

After the band dissolved, she dedicated most of her time to the family. Her husband became T. Witherspoon. They together have two heirs.

B. Knowles

The talented singer is still conquering the industry with her great talent, brightness and brilliant performances. She is among the most in-demand and successful performers of the time.

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