«What a heartbreaker, girls!»: This is what a handsome man Schumacher’s heir has become

It is impossible not to fall in love with Schumacher’s grown-up son at first sight 🥹😍

The fact that Michael Schumacher hasn’t appeared in public since 2013 is raising many questions making the fans worry about the legendary star’s well-being.

But here is his 24-year-old son Mick who decided to follow his famous father’s footsteps and has become a successful racing driver. Many claim that the young man looks nothing like his legendary parent.

His sky-blue eyes, blond hair and athletic body let no girl stay indifferent. Some are even convinced that he would have achieved huge success in modeling too.

The girls can’t stay indifferent towards him and they all fall madly in love at first sight. Are you a fan of him?

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